All Day Brunch

‘La Madre’ almond croissant | 6

Gypsy ham, Swiss cheese & tomato croissant | 9
Plain croissant | 5
Jam & butter croissant | 6

Toasted sourdough or fruit toast,
cultured butter, condiments | 8

Wood fire oven baked banana bread, cultured butter | 5

House mixed almond & maple granola, Greek-style yoghurt and honey | 10

Two ‘Golden Yolk’ free range eggs poached or fried on sourdough toast | 10

‘Cuca Sardinas’, toasted corn sourdough, slow roasted vine ripened tomato, soft baby herbs | 16

‘Breakfast Burrito’ Scrambled egg, grilled chorizo, Gypsy ham, mushroom, roasted peppers, chipotle aioli | 15

‘Huevos Rancheros‘ Spanish baked eggs, chorizo, white beans, roasted peppers & tomato, tostada | 18

Smashed avocado, slow roasted tomato & goats cheese, corn sourdough, baby herbs | 18

El Gordo Spanish Breakfast, fried eggs [2], Jamon Serrano, freshly baked croissant | 17

Poached or fried egg $3

Smoked salmon $6

Grilled chorizo $5
Gluten-free bread $2.5

Smashed avocado $5
Sliced Jamon Serrano $6
Grilled tomato $3
Extra Bread $2


The Mosé – tequila strawberry, lemon, rosé 

Spanish Mimosa – Cava, licor 43, cold pressed oJ 

Sangria – sailor jerry, licor 43, citrus, red wine rosé 

Bocadillos (Spanish Sandwiches)

Jamon Serrano, manchego cheese vine ripened tomato, aioli | 11

Cuca Sardinas & crisps ‘fish & chips’ Caper & dill cream cheese, Peppergreen Farm mixed leaves | 14

Poached chicken breast, aioli & chive sandwich. Peppergreen Farm mixed  | 11

Grilled mushroom, roasted capsicum, wild rocket, goats cheese & chimmichurri | 12

Spanish ham, manchego cheese, tomato, aioli, corn sourdough toasted sandwich | 10

Tuna, swiss cheese, spring onion, corn & aioli toasted sandwich | 10

El GORDO Burger, slow cooked beef brisket, tangy slaw, swiss cheese, pickles, jalapeno aioli, seeded milk bun, tortilla chips.

Cubano Burrito, Mojo 20hr pulled pork, swiss cheese, gypsy ham, cornichons, ensalada 

Conservas & Tapas

For over 70 years Conservas Cuca has been carefully selecting top quality ingredients and using traditional methods to make seafood and fish products with unique and exquisite flavour. Careful selection of products (caught at dawn, by hand); to following traditional methods, only fresh and natural products, without preservatives;

Sardinas picante
Stuffed squid in ink sauce
Sardinas in olive oil
Meiljellone con galician
Sardinas con tomate

Served with tostada & guindillas


‘Miguels’ chicken escabeche on tostada | 10

Smoked Tasmanian salmon, morcilla, marinated octopus, aioli, herbs 18

Roasted baby beetroot, maple candied walnuts, orange, goats cheese whip 16

Housemade confit chicken terrine & pâté, Jamón, pickles & preserves, crusty sourdough bread 18

Slow cooked Spanish lamb, Farro, cranberry, toasted almond, red kale, currants, fetta & salad, Zataar spiced labnah 18